List of Early 2020 movies before I forget what I saw

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Harley Quin (birds of prey) -- highly recommended

Batman begins

Dark Knight -- only good one from Nolan -- i don't make the rules

Dark Knight Rises

Bad Boys 4 Ever -- the bad boys with the belgium directors -- good with a different pacing -- the best one and the only one I recommend as it has stakes and you feel it

Bad Boys -- can't even remember what i watched except a boat on a highway (exploding?) -- Michael Bay -- eyes hurt from jumping around the screen between cuts

Bad Boys 2 -- More Bay -- more WTF -- more i can't remember -- what was the plot?

Casino Royale -- Best of the first 3 Daniel Craig

Quantum of Solace -- Oil? Water? Desert? -- watched it yesterday and can only remember a couple set pieces.

Skyfall -- would have be incredible wasn't....a waste of a good scotch and a reset to normality at the end like nothing had just happened.

Never really watched much Bond unless it was on the telly and these modern ones make me not want to watch them again.

Batman (1989) -- Jack Nicholas plays himself and people call it a good Joker -- there are a lot of nostalgia goggles about this one and I lost my pair years ago.

Batman Returns -- Tim Burton starts to learn to direct -- Michelle Pfeiffer is the only redeeming part of this -- She was at least in the spirit of her character and gave a fun performance (this is the one that made Warner Bros go -- hey, isn't this supposed to be for children?)

Batman Forever -- Joel Schumacher creates a fun batman at the beginning of grim dark and sells the second most tickets of the pre 2000 Batmans and one of the two best batmans. As a note: no one cared at the studio what they did, so they made something visually fun

Batman and Robin -- Joel Schumacher gets a lot of grief and a lot of that grief was caused by the studios wanting to beat the horse until it stopped giving money. And it shows. In Schumacher's defense, he states over and over on the Directors tracks of both his batman's that he was making a movie for kids and his batman didn't kill anyone which is how he believes batman should be always. This is what diminishes all the other batman's from Schumachers -- the rest kill at least 1 person and DGAF for how much damage they cause.

Kick Ass -- the only movie that makes me wince every time Kick Ass is getting his ass kicked. The scene when he was sent to the hospital made me hurt just watching him get hurt. That doesn't usually happen in a movie -- what did the director do to get that feeling the knife was cutting you when it cut Kick Ass?

The Gentlemen -- violence porn with added racism and jokes stolen directly from 2016 4Chan. -- Don't even bother (unless you wanna see what the old people in central US farm country think is edgy)

Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut) -- love this one -- is it beautiful and uses the camera to great effect. There are so many levels to this movie, but the main one is: what does it take to create a Kingdom of Conscience?

Rum Diaries -- not a movie -- a radio play with images

Joker -- disturbing -- raises as many questions as a mutimillion dollar movie is allowed to ask. I liked it and will watch it again, but just not now.

Layer Cake -- Daniel Craig before he was Bond. Same concept as The Gentlemen, but handled much better and without the gratuitous bits.

Zodiak -- great movie -- they only show the murders that there were survivors at (near the beginning). So be prepared for the first 20 minutes or so. Otherwise it is the story of a man who would not give up when everyone else had moved on and who had to get his man -- or at least look him in the eye and see that he had his man -- cause all the evidence is circumstantial.

Monty Python's Life of Brian -- not sure i have anything to say about this one.

The Big Lebowski -- what can I tell you about the Dude that he can't tell you himself. Stands up nicely and after repeated viewings I can watch it again if I'm in a mood to sit and watch.

Citizen Kane -- they are correct that it is a classic. The deep focus scenes are chilling and light is used in ways that were unheard of at the time. Shout out for my boy, Orson Welles, ya'll